Blueprint recommends 24 fundamental principles that should be included in any whistleblower protection law. These Blueprint Principles for Whistleblower Protection are designed to help ensure that: Information in the public interest reaches the public domain; Whistleblowers are protected from all forms … Read more →

In January 2014 the Bosnia and Herzegovina Whistleblower Protection Act came into effect. Passed by the Bosnian and Herzegovinian Parliament in December 2013, the legislation is a standalone law that provides legal protections for whistleblowers who work in state-level institutions … Read more →

Chelsea Manning, the winner of the 2016 Blueprint for Free Speech Enduring Impact Award, this week received a commutation of her 35-year sentence from outgoing US President Barack Obama. Commenting on his decision at his final press conference in the … Read more →

BRUSSELS – Croatian immunologist Srecko Sladoljev had just finished telling the story of how he was bullied, suspended and blocked by security guards from entering his workplace after raising concerns about a questionable swine-flu vaccine being readied for widespread use … Read more →

Public support for Edward Snowden in Germany has been overwhelming from the moment he exposed the US-led mass surveillance program in June 2013. “Vacancy for Snowden” banners have been hung all over Berlin, urging German officials to grant him political … Read more →