Increased calls by Members of the EU Parliament for a new whistleblower protection law for the EU have been rejected. The new law would apply to issues concerning corruption within the EU, across member countries’ borders, and relate to matters … Read more →

Too often, we have seen parliaments pass whistleblower laws in haste – whether in response to scandals or disasters that whistleblowers could have prevented, or to comply with the letter (but not the spirit) of anti-corruption treaties. The outcome is … Read more →

After months of disagreement and debate that resembled a political soap opera, French lawmakers finally have granted expanded rights to employees who report threats to the public interest. The new whistleblower measures include many European and international standards, including retaliation … Read more →

Following a string of government and corporate scandals in recent years, Greece, which has seen a long has enacted its first legal protections for whistleblowers. Passed in April 2014, the law seeks to protect people who report corruption to authorities … Read more →

A Hungarian patent lawyer has become the subject in a criminal investigation after making a public interest disclosure regarding a security flaw in the National Intellectual Property Bureau (SZTNH) website. SZTNH reportedly filed a hacking complaint against the man up … Read more →