In January 2014 Hungary’s new whistleblower law came into effect. The Complaints and Public Interest Disclosure Act, passed in October 2013, updated whistleblower law for public and private sector employees. The new law, which has been criticised by Transparency International, … Read more →

Raj Mattu, winner of the UK Blueprint Prize for Whistleblowing, with Lady Hollick and Stephen Sackur Whistleblowers were honoured for their contribution to civil society at the first Blueprint Prize award ceremony in London, inaugurated by Blueprint for Free Speech … Read more →

In November 2013 the Whistleblowing Commission, convened by the London-based whistleblower support NGO Public Concern at Work, released 25 recommendations for improving whistleblowing in UK workplaces. Chief among the recommendations made by the Whistleblowing Commission is the adoption of a … Read more →

On 21 February 2014 India’s Parliament passed the country’s first Whistleblower Protection Bill. The law will provide legal protections for people who report crimes committed by public servants, or corruption or misconduct that causes government losses. The bill, however, does … Read more →

In July 2013 Malta’s Parliament passed the Protection of the Whistleblower Act. This Act, which took effect in September 2013, provides legal protections for public and private sector employees Under the legislation an External Disclosure Whistleblowing Unit will be established … Read more →