The Blueprint Team

Mark Worth

Mark Worth

Mark Worth is the Manager of Blueprint’s International Whistleblower Project.

Mark has been a civil society advocate and investigative journalist in the US and Europe for more than 25 years. He specializes in whistleblower protection, government and corporate accountability, citizen participation, food safety, public information and media integrity.

Prior to joining Blueprint in 2014, he was the founding coordinator of the whistleblower program at Transparency International. He was instrumental in advancing whistleblower legislation in many countries and drafting international guidelines for whistleblower protection laws.

He has also held leadership positions at the consumer organisation Public Citizen (founded by Ralph Nader) and Food and Water Europe. He has written for many publications and media companies, and is the founding publisher of award-winning independent newsmagazines. He holds degrees in journalism from the University of Florida and engineering from the Florida Institute of Technology. Mark lives in Berlin.


Simon Wolfe

Simon Wolfe is Legal Research Fellow at Blueprint for Free Speech.
He graduated with an LL.B from the University of Melbourne and an LL.M from Stockholm University. He is a visiting scholar at the University of Melbourne Law School.

Simon has a background in both freedom of speech law and policy and commercial law. He has significant experience in whistleblower protection law, national security legislation and freedom of expression policy generally.

He has authored many reports and submissions on behalf of Blueprint for Free Speech and has appeared before parliaments or legislative committees of Australia, Iceland and Taiwan, and submitted to many others. Prior to joining Blueprint, Simon worked at a commercial law firm in Australia, and spent time working in France and Tanzania. Simon is an avid Arsenal F.C. fan and wants to one day have lunch with Larry David.

Veronika Nad

Veronika Nad

Veronika Nad is the head of the German Whistleblower Project at Blueprint for Free Speech. She has been working on anti-corruption measures and whistleblowing since 2013 and was previously employed at the GIZ Anti-Corruption and Integrity Program, as well as the NGO SOPPECOM in Pune/ India.

A trained anthropologist, Veronika spent much time abroad, most notably during a five-month research on fifty years of independence in Tanzania. Further regional expertise includes Turkey, India, Indonesia and France. In 2015, she received her M.A. in Cultural Anthropology, Philosophy and Indology from the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz. Veronika speaks several languages including French, Kiswahili and Turkish, and is a passionate amateur photographer.

Cannelle Lavite

Cannelle Lavite

Cannelle Lavite is a Legal Reserch Fellow at Blueprint for Free Speech.

Cannelle is a law PhD candidate at the University of Bremen, Germany. She holds a Master Degree in Criminal law and International Business Law from Lyon (France) and Montreal (Canada) Universities. Her PhD thesis work focuses on new forms of law production in the frame of whistleblowers’ protection. Cannelle collaborates with Blueprint to develop a project assessing the effectiveness of laws protecting whistleblowers and performs legal research.


AJ Brown

Professor AJ Brown is a Legal Fellow at Blueprint for Free Speech. He works as a Professor of Public Policy and Law at Griffith University, where he is program leader for Public Integrity and Anti-Corruption in the Centre for Governance and Public Policy. He has worked or consulted in all branches and all levels of Government in Australia, including work as a ministerial policy adviser in the Queensland Government, and senior investigation officer with the Commonwealth Ombudsman. He is a director of Transparency
International Australia, and a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Law.

His research expertise is in the areas of government and judicial accountability, public integrity, whistleblowing and the development of public institutions. He has published widely in the topics of whistleblowing, integrity, and institutional responses to reporting of wrongdoing.


Suelette Dreyfus

Dr Suelette Dreyfus is the Executive Director of Blueprint for Free Speech. Suelette’s career has spanned academia, journalism and activism. She is a specialist in privacy technologies, Internet freedoms and media integrity.

Suelette was a staff writer at Australia’s largest selling newspaper, and subsequently her work has appeared in The Independent (London), The Guardian, The Australian, The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, Good Weekend Magazine and a number of technology publications and peer-reviewed academic journals.

Suelette founded Blueprint with a view to improving the standards of laws around the globe that protect freedom of expression generally. She is particularly interested in raising the standards of protection for whistleblowers and for freedom of speech for the media.

She frequently appears as an expert commentator at conferences, and on television and radio.