How you may use this material – copyright and crediting

General – Open Source License

1. A person may use, replicate, copy, distribute, reference, or otherwise deal with any material contained on this website or produced by Blueprint for Free Speech (Blueprint) (the Material):

  1. for any purpose;
  2. either in part or in its entirety;
  3. worldwide;
  4. in perpetuity;

subject to the conditions in Clause 2.


2. Use of the Material allowed by Clause 1 is subject to the following conditions, as updated or amended by Blueprint from time to time:

  1. (You must reference Blueprint for Free Speech when using its material) If you use, replicate, copy, distribute, reference or otherwise deal with the Material pursuant to Clause 1, you must reference, credit or otherwise attribute Blueprint each time you do so;
  2. Any reproduction of a Blueprint report must give attribution to Blueprint in the following manner:
    1. on the first page following the title page of the report;
    2. in a font typeface and size identical to the general body of text; and
    3. which states (as a minimum): “This report was authored by Blueprint for Free Speech (”;
  3. (Blueprint may choose to exclude some documents or materials) A document, communication or any other item may be excluded from the Material by Blueprint by marking it as ‘confidential’ or otherwise indicating that it should not be included in the Material; and
  4. (We provide the information for free for as long as we can, or until we decide to not do so) ‘perpetuity’ under clause 1(d) means such time until the cessation or alteration of the copyright subsisting in the Material owned by Blueprint.