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Bosnia & Herzegovina – Standards – Administration – Oversight

Bosnia & Herzegovina – Standards – Administration – Oversight

10. The Administrative Inspectorate of the Ministry of Justice of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Agency for Prevention of Corruption and Coordination of Fight against Corruption shall oversee the enforcement of this law, respectively.


21 (1) The Minister shall, by order, designate an individual or entity as the designated authority for the purposes of this Act.

(2) The designated authority shall be responsible for monitoring compliance with this Act and the provisions of the Third Schedule shall apply in relation thereto.

(3) In furtherance of its functions under subsection (2) the designated authority shall

(a) publish such procedural guidelines regarding the making, receiving and investigation of disclosures under this Act, as it considers appropriate;

(b) provide such assistance as may be practicable to—-

(i) any person who seeks to make a disclosure under this Act;

(ii) any person who is a designated officer, employer or other person subject to the requirements of this Act;

(c) on an ongoing basis, plan, implement and monitor public awareness programmes aimed at informing and educating employees, employers and the general public in Jamaica about the making, in a responsible manner, of protected disclosures and about the procedures for receiving and investigating such disclosures;

(d) review from time to time the procedures required under this Act to be established by any person;

(e) review the implementation and operation of such procedures;

(f) make recommendations to any person arising from any review under paragraph (c) or (d);

(g) where it considers it appropriate to do so—-

(i) initiate an investigation;

(ii) take over an investigation, or

(iii) authorize a body to undertake in whole or in part an investigation”.

Referenced Legislation: Law on Whistleblower Protection in the Institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina

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