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Bosnia & Herzegovina – Standards – Disclosure – Public

Bosnia & Herzegovina – Standards – Disclosure – Public

2. Special form of protected disclosure/ reporting is disclosing or any other form of making publically available the information indicating to corruption, provided that whistleblowers has a reason to suspect that:

1) he/she will be subjected to detrimental action by a certain person, or

2) in the event of protected reporting from paragraph c) of this Article, there will be no appropriate action taken, or that the evidence and information will be concealed or destroyed, or

3) if the same information has been disclosed to the subject referred to in paragraph c) of this Article and that no appropriate action was undertaken within the legal timeline, provided that prior to making a special form of protected disclosure, the whistleblower is obliged to consider possible damage that may be incurred as a result of his disclosure.

Referenced Legislation: Law on Whistleblower Protection in the Institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina

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