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Jamaica – Standards – Disclosure – Employers

Jamaica – Standards – Disclosure – Employers

7. (1) Subject to section 12, a disclosure made by an employee to an employer qualifies for protection if the disclosure is made~­

(a) substantially in accordance with a procedure referred to in subsection (2) for the making of disclosures, where such a procedure is in operation; or

(b) to the employer, where no procedure for the making of disclosures is in operation.

(2) Where an employee makes a disclosure, in accordance. with the procedure established or authorized by the employer or otherwise prescribed, to a person other than his employer, the employee is deemed to be making a disclosure to his employer.

13. (1) Each employer and prescribed person shall establish and operate procedures for receiving, investigating and otherwise dealing with disclosures.

(2) Subject to section 10, an employee who seeks to make a disclosure shall utilize the procedure in section 7,8 or 9 in the first instance.

(3) The procedures shall identify at least one person (in this Act referred to as a designated officer) to whom disclosures may be made.

(4) Designated officers shall be conferred with the requisite authority to receive, take steps to investigate or otherwise deal with any disclosure made.

(5) Where an employee makes a disclosure under this section, every designated officer shall keep the employee updated on the status of the investigation of the disclosure.

(6) Each employer shall cause information on the procedures for making a disclosure to be circulated among employees of the employer on a regular basis, in order that the employees may be made aware of the procedures.

Referenced Legislation: Protected Disclosures Act (2011)

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