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Korea – Standards – Coverage – Channels

Korea – Standards – Coverage – Channels

6. Any person may report a violation of the public interest that had already occurred or concerns that a violation of the public interest is likely to occur, and this report may be submitted to a person who falls under any of the Subparagraphs in Article 6:

1. The representative or employer of a person, institution, organization, company, etc. that may violate or has violated the public interest;

2. The administrative agency or supervisory body that has the authority to direct, supervise, regulate or investigate violations of the public interest (hereinafter referred to as “examination agency”);

3. Investigative agency;

4. The Commission;

5. Persons prescribed by Presidential Decree, to whom the reporting of public interest whistleblowing cases is deemed to contribute to preventing a violation of the public interest or to stopping the spread of the damages caused by a violation of the public interest.

Referenced Legislation: Protection of Public Interest Whistleblowers Act (2011)

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