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Korea – Standards – Coverage – Reportable

Korea – Standards – Coverage – Reportable

2. The term “violation of the public interest” means an act that infringes on the health and safety of the public, the environment, consumer interests and fair competition, and falls under any of the following items:

a. An act that is subject to any penal provisions defined in the Acts listed in an attached table;

b. An act that is subject to an administrative action determined by Presidential Decree, including the cancellation or suspension of a permit or license in accordance with the Acts listed on the attached table:

1. Agricultural Products Quality Control Act

2. Special Act on the Safety Control of Public Structures

3. Food Sanitation Act

4. Natural Environment Conservation Act

5. Quality Control and Safety Management of Industrial Products Act

6. Wastes Control Act

7. Blood Management Act

8. Medical Service Act

9. Framework Act on Consumers

10. Monopoly Regulation and Fair Trade Act

11. Fair Transactions in Subcontracting Act

12. Other laws defined by Presidential Decree regarding health and safety of the public, environmental protection, protection of consumer interest, promotion of fair competition, etc.

Referenced Legislation: Protection of Public Interest Whistleblowers Act (2011)

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