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Korea – Standards – Coverage – Whistleblowing

Korea – Standards – Coverage – Whistleblowing

2. The term “public interest whistleblowing” means reporting, petitioning, informing, accusing or complaining that a violation of the public interest has occurred or is likely to occur, or providing an investigation clue of a violation of the public interest to a person who falls under any of the Subparagraphs in Article 6. However, if a case falls under any of the following items, it shall not be deemed a case of public interest whistleblowing:

a. In the event that the public interest whistleblowing was performed even though the whistleblower had known or could know that the information was false;

b. In the event that the whistleblower demanded money, goods, or special privileges within the context of the employment relationship in return for the information, or that the whistleblowing was done for some other illegal purpose.

Referenced Legislation: Protection of Public Interest Whistleblowers Act (2011)

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