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Kyrgyzstan – Whistleblower Laws

Kyrgyzstan – Whistleblower Laws

Whistleblowing is not highly regarded in Kyrgyzstan society, and there is no specific legislation aimed at protecting whistleblowers. However, some protections can be found in other legislation
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According to the report of Transparency International, Kyrgyzstan is still one of the most corrupt countries in the world1.

The concept of a whistleblower is not well understood in the region, and is often confused with the protection of witnesses and persons cooperating with law enforcement authorities in criminal procedures. At the moment, Kyrgyzstan does not have effective legal provisions to protect whistleblowers in either the public or the private sectors. However there are some mechanisms which indirectly relate to whistleblowers.

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The word whistleblower is not used in the Kyrgyz society though there is a translation from Russian meaning “informator”-reporting person.

Whistleblowing is considered to be a negative action in Kyrgyz culture. Legislation particularly aimed at protecting whistleblowers is non-existent in Kyrgyzstan. However, mechanisms in relation to protection of information, witnesses and anti-corruptions measures, which indirectly relate to whistleblowers, can be found in relation to witness protection and anti-corruption legislation

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