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Malta – Standards – Coverage – Employer

Malta – Standards – Coverage – Employer

1. “employer” means any natural person, legal organisation or statutory body whether forming part of the public administration or the private sector who satisfies the criteria set out in the Second Schedule and who:

(a) enters into a contract of service with an employee;


(b) who employs or engages or permits any other person in any manner to assist in the carrying on or conducting of his business; or

(c) who seeks to employ other persons, and shall include a voluntary organisation in relation to volunteers who render services to such voluntary organisation on a voluntary basis or otherwise;



For the purposes of this Act, an “employer” who is subject to the provisions of this Act is

(1) Each ministry of the Government of Malta;

(2) Any organisation within the private sector which, according to its last annual or consolidated accounts, meets at least two of the following criteria:

– an average number of employees, during the financial year, of more than 250;

– a total balance sheet exceeding forty-three million euro (€43,000,000); and

– an annual turnover exceeding fifty million euro (€50,000,000).

(3) Any voluntary organisation which annually raises more than five hundred thousand euro (€500,000) from public collections and other donations.

Referenced Legislation: Protection of the Whistleblower Act (2013)

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