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Malta – Whistleblower Protection

Malta – Whistleblower Protection

Malta’s Protection of the Whistleblower Act bans all retaliation or other detrimental actions against an employee who reports misconduct in good faith and with a reasonable belief that the information is true. Confidentiality is protected but anonymous reports are not, and authorities may ignore defamatory or libelous reports filed anonymously. Malta has no independent whistleblower agency, but an External Disclosure Whistleblowing Unit within the Ministry for Justice, Culture and Local Government supervises external disclosures.
Malta’s efforts to strengthen whistleblower protections, which began in 2002, culminated in 2013 with the passage of country’s first comprehensive law – the Protection of the Whistleblower Act. The measure includes many European and international standards, including protection for private and public sector employees, and the right to report misconduct to contacts within or outside the workplace. On paper the law is considered among the strongest and most thorough in Europe. Full protections, however, are not granted to everyone under all circumstances. The law does not cover disclosures to the media. External reporting channels are limited. And the law does not protect employees of the Security Service; foreign, consular and diplomatic services; or the “Disciplined Forces” (Armed Forces, Police Force, Prisons Officers and Civil Protection Officers).[…]
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