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Serbia – Standards – Coverage – Retaliation

Serbia – Standards – Coverage – Retaliation

2. “Damaging action” shall mean any action or omission in relation to whistleblowers which violates or infringes the right of a whistleblower or persons entitled to protection as a whistleblower, or which puts such persons at a disadvantage.


21. The employer of a whistleblower must not perform an action or omit to perform an action that would place a whistleblower at a disadvantage, in particular in relation to:

1. Hiring procedure;

2. Obtaining the status of an intern or volunteer;

3. Work outside of formal employment;

4. Education, training, or professional development;

5. Promotion at work, being evaluated, obtaining or losing a professional title;

6. Disciplinary measures and penalties;

7. Working conditions;

8. Termination of employment;

9. Salary and other forms of remuneration;

10. Share in the profits of the employer;

11. Disbursement of bonuses or incentivizing severance payments;

12. Allocation of duties or transfer to other positions;

13. Failing to take measures to provide protection from harassment by other persons;

14. Mandatory medical examinations or examinations to establish fitness for work;

Provisions of a general enactment denying or infringing upon the right of any whistleblower or placing such persons at a disadvantage shall be null and void.


Referenced Legislation: Law on the Protection of Whistleblowers (2014)

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