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Spain – Whistleblower Protection

Spain – Whistleblower Protection

There is no specific law on whistleblower protection for employees in Spain, and current legislation only indirectly refers to whistleblowing.While all Spanish citizens technically are obliged to report criminal activities to the relevant authorities, they must personally come forward in order for their claim to be investigated. The lack of protective mechanisms is seen by many as a deterrent in complying with this obligation. The only legislative regulation loosely related to whistleblowing is a provision allowing citizens to anonymously report conflicts of interest of high-ranking officials and members of Parliament. Witnesses in criminal proceedings may receive protection.
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There is no specific law on whistleblower protection for employees in Spain, and current legislation only indirectly refers to whistleblowing. While widespread corruption and systematic government failures contributed to the country’s economic collapse during the financial crisis, and international organizations including the OECD have urged Spain to introduce stronger whistleblower protections, political will to do so has not yet lead to noteworthy improvements. In comparison with other European countries, civil society is very active in lobbying for legislation and supporting Spanish whistleblowers.[…]
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There are no specific provisions for the protection of whistleblowers under Spanish law, however protection is granted pursuant general criminal and administrative laws. Spain grants criminal immunity for whistleblowers/informants in drug trafficking and terrorism cases. This protection applies only to those directly involved with personal knowledge. There is a constitutional protection for journalistic sources but there is no mechanism for enforcement or implementation of protection measures.[…]
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No hay una ley específica sobre la protección de whistleblowers (denundiantes de irregularidades) que están empleados en España y la legislación actual se refiere sólo de manera indirecta al whistleblowing (o la denuncia de irregularidades). Si bien la extendida corrupción y las fallas sistemáticas del gobierno han contribuido al colapso económico del país durante la crisis financiera y las organizaciones internacionales como la OCDE han insistido a España introducir estrictas protecciones a whistleblowers, la voluntad política de hacerlo sigue siendo débil. En comparación con otros países europeos, la sociedad civil es muy activa protegiendo y apoyando a los whistleblowers españoles. […]
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