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Zambia – Standards – Administration – Oversight

Zambia – Standards – Administration – Oversight

(1) An investigating authority shall, within twelve months after the commencement of this Act, establish procedures –

(a) to facilitate the making of public interest disclosures;


(b) to deal with public interest disclosures that it is the proper authority to receive.

(2) The procedures to be established under subsection (1) shall include procedures dealing with the following:

(a) making public interest disclosures;

(b) assisting and providing information to a person who is considering making or who makes a public interest disclosure;

(c) protecting a person who makes a public interest disclosure from unlawful reprisals, including unlawful reprisals taken by public officers in relation to the government agency;


(d) acting on public interest disclosures.

Referenced Legislation: Public Interest Disclosures Act (2010)

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