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Zambia – Standards – Coverage – Retaliation

Zambia – Standards – Coverage – Retaliation

2. “occupational detriment ” in relation to the working environment of an employee, means the employee –

(a) being subjected to any disciplinary action;

(b) being dismissed, suspended, demoted, harassed or intimidated;

(c) being transferred against the employee’s will;

(d) being refused transfer or promotion;

(e) being subjected to a term or condition of employment or retirement which is altered or kept altered to the employee’s disadvantage;

(f) being refused a reference or being provided with an adverse reference, from the employer;

(g) being denied appointment to any employment, profession or office;

(h) being threatened with any of the actions referred to in paragraphs (a) to (g); or

(i) being otherwise adversely affected in respect of employment, profession or office, including employment opportunities and work security;

“detriment means” –

(a) injury, damage or loss;

(b) intimidation or harassment; or

(c) discrimination, disadvantage or adverse treatment in relation to career, profession, employment, trade or business;

Referenced Legislation: Public Interest Disclosures Act (2010)

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