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Zambia – Standards – Coverage – Whistleblowing

Zambia – Standards – Coverage – Whistleblowing

2. “protected disclosure” means a disclosure made to-

(a) a legal practitioner in accordance with section thirty-seven;

(b) an employer in accordance with section thirty-eight;

(c) a person or body in accordance with section thirty-nine;


(d) any other person or body in accordance with Part III, but does not include a disclosure-

(1) in respect of which the employee making the disclosure commits an offence by making that disclosure; or

(ii) made by a legal practitioner to whom the information was disclosed in the course

of obtaining legal advice in accordance with section thirty-seven.


8. Nothing in this Act shall be taken to entitle a person to disclose information which would otherwise be the subject of legal professional privilege.

36. A disclosure that is made solely or substantially with the motive of avoiding dismissal or other disciplinary action, not being disciplinary action taken in reprisal for the making of a protected disclosure, is not, notwithstanding any other provision of this Part, a protected disclosure.

37. Any disclosure made to a legal practitioner with the object of, and in the course of, obtaining legal advice, is a protected disclosure.

Referenced Legislation: Public Interest Disclosures Act (2010)

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