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Zambia – Standards – Protection – Rights

Zambia – Standards – Protection – Rights

13. (4) Where a public interest disclosure is made against any person and the person is suspended or any other administrative action is taken against that person by the employer pending investigation into the matter, and the investigating authority determines that the disclosure falls under subsection (1), the person shall be entitled to-

(a) reinstatement by the employer;

(b) compensation for any detriment suffered as a result of the disclosure made;

(c) re-location to another position of equivalent level of salary and duties, in the employing agency;

(d) or any other action to remedy to any detriment caused to the person by the disclosure.

(5) Where a person is re-located in accordance with subsection

(4), the employing agency of the person being relocated shall –

(a) meet all reasonable re-location expenses; and

(b) take all reasonable steps to ensure that the person is placed in a position of equivalent level of salary and duties.

Referenced Legislation: Public Interest Disclosures Act (2010)

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