Supporting People who Speak Out

Supporting people who speak out

New Blueprint Reports on EU countries Whistleblower protection

Blueprint's new report series on whistleblower protection in Europe shows that protections are still low across EU countries. Whistleblowers need stronger, more comprehensive laws - and those laws need to work in practice. 'Gaps in the System' evaluates specific whistleblower protection laws across all EU member countries against nine recognised European and international standards. The 28 EU countries’ total score in meeting the standards was 173 out of 759 points – just 23%. The companion report 'Safe or Sorry' is the first independent public report by an NGO assessing how well whistleblower laws across Europe are working in practice.[…]

Malta Money-Laundering Whistleblower Asks Protection

A former anti-money laundering investigator on Malta, Jonathan Ferris, who says he has knowledge of massive wrongdoing, will sue to get whistleblower protection he said was deliberately blocked by the government with a scandal reaching Prime Minister's Joseph Muscat's office, The Times of Malta said. Ferris, fired last year a few days after Muscat's re-election, also said the arrest of Pilatus Bank Chairman Ali Sadr Hashemi Nejad in the United States will uncover a wide ring of money laundering in an explosive series of events that led to the murder of journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia.[…]

Former Greek Bank Chairman Cited for Malfeasance

Greece’s anti-money laundering authority has reportedly recommended that the former Chairman of Piraeus Bank, one of the country’s big four, face charges over the sale of five properties it said could be tied to his family. The agency said Michalis Sallas is culpable for the 2016 sale of the properties to a Cypriot firm even though he wasn’t at the bank at the time, which he noted in denying any wrongdoing. “There are strong indications that Mr. Sallas and other members of Piraeus management who participated in the deals are guilty of malfeasance,” the agency said, adding that the deals cost the bank, already awash in bad loans, some 6.4 million euros ($7.91 million), according to a report by financial news agency Bloomberg.[…]