Supporting People who Speak Out

Open Letter to the working party on Fundamental Rights and Free Movement of Persons

Blueprint for Free Speech, together with Riparte il Futuro, FIBGAR, Courage Foundation and ASEBLAC, calls upon the European Council to amend the Directive proposal on whistleblower protection. A copy of our open letter can be found here.

Malta Money-Laundering Whistleblower Asks Protection

A former anti-money laundering investigator on Malta, Jonathan Ferris, who says he has knowledge of massive wrongdoing, will sue to get whistleblower protection he said was deliberately blocked by the government with a scandal reaching Prime Minister's Joseph Muscat's office, The Times of Malta said.[…]

Our interview with Congo's bank whistleblower

Watch Blueprint's new interview with Jean-Jacques Lumumba, a bank executive whose decision to blow the whistle on suspicious transactions in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) meant he had to flee the country in fear of his life. The bank is connected to the family of the President of the DRC. Lumumba speaks out about the threats in our new video interview, as part of our 'Meet the Whistleblower' series of interviews.[…]