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Blueprint for Free Speech 2019 Whistleblowing Prizes announced

Dr Nick Martin, is awarded the 2019 Blueprint International Whistleblowing Prize for his role in exposing grossly inadequate conditions and lack of medical care for refugees incarcerated by the Australian government on the island of Nauru.


What do Europeans think about whistleblowing?

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Whistleblowers are in the front line of the battles against corruption, financial fraud and threats to public health. Ask the European Union to protect whistleblowers by signing the petition today!

Blueprint launches Perugia Principles for Journalists Working with Whistleblowers in the Digital Age

Blueprint for Free Speech has launched a new report outlining how journalists can work responsibly to safeguard whistleblowers. The report was compiled by Julie Posetti, Dr Suelette Dreyfus and Naomi Colvin, alongside a roundtable of 20 international journalists and experts hosted by Blueprint.

European Parliament takes final position on the proposal for a Whistleblowing Directive

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Presented by the European Commission in April 2018, the proposal for a Directive to protect European whistleblowers is currently working its way through the European institutions. If adopted, the Directive would provide minimum standards for the protection of employees reporting certain breaches and misconduct in the public interest. The text that has been agreed upon in the European Parliament's Legislative Committee on November 20 reflects many of the leading international standards and would elevate basic protection measures for whistleblowers in most Member States. more…