Supporting People who Speak Out

    Blueprint for Free Speech is a charity that provides research and analysis in support of freedom of expression for all people, as described the UN Declaration of Human Rights.

      We undertake research which will:

      • Encourage more informed decision-making and improve the quality of public debate in this area
      • Provide research tools to support other charities and NGOs, as well as individuals, in their work to improve society in this area
      • Remove barriers that may chill freedom of expression, including seeking to reduce corruption and serious wrongdoing

    Our library of research materials is free for everyone to use. We ask that you please reference Blueprint’s website when you use our material so that others who are looking for this sort of research can find it easily for their use as well.

    Blueprint for Free Speech envisages a world free of corruption, institutional wrongdoing, and oppression, in which each individual is able to take an active and informed part in society and engage freely and fully in social, political, and civic discourse.

      Our vision is of a world where:

        • every individual is able to exercise to the full extent, their fundamental rights to freedom of expression and access to information, as outlined under Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
        • a free and independent media, together with improved access to information, enables individuals to make informed choices
        • there is improved institutional transparency of government and corporations, and greater legal protection for those who expose corruption and wrongdoing

    To ensure these fundamental rights are upheld, we seek a world where protections for free and independent media, freedom of speech, freedom of information, institutional transparency, and support for whistleblowers, are all enshrined in law.