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Blueprint’s Briefing Papers for Each Country
Blueprint has the largest independent library of briefing papers about whistleblower protection status in the world. Our library provides analysis of more than 52 countries’ whistleblower protection laws and policies.
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Blueprint Reports
Blueprint has created the world’s largest free library of original research reports and summaries on each country’s whistleblower laws and policies. Working closely with international partner organisations, we analyze and report on the current state of whistleblower policy, and the impact of different approaches in the legislations of countries with whistleblower laws.
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Blueprint Submissions
Blueprint regularly produces submissions to governments and policy-makers around the world regarding whistleblower policy issues. On this page you can find links to our input into whistleblower and public interest disclosure policy in Australia, Europe and Africa.
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Blueprint has produced a set of standards for best practise in whistleblowing legislation. We analyse how these standards have been implemented in the laws of various countries.
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