Supporting People who Speak Out

We like to partner with other organisations for different projects. If you have a project you are interested in partnering on with us, please reach out! These are our project partners:

Initiative 11

Coalition for whistleblower protection in Ukraine

A coalition of Ukrainian and international NGOs that support protection for whistleblowers, transparency in government and the fight against corruption.

A Change of Direction

Fostering Whistleblowing in Europe in the fight against corruption

An international group of NGOs and research institutions promoting a new integrated framework for research, awareness-raising and public advocacy for protecting whistleblowers in Europe.

Digital Rights Watch

Standing up for the digital rights of Australians

Digital Rights Watch is an charity organisation founded in 2016 whose mission is to ensure that Australian citizens are equipped, empowered and enabled to uphold their digital rights.


Pro Derechos Humanos y Juristicción Universal

FIBGAR is part of the Restarting the Future network, working closely with other organizations in the fight against corruption in the European Union.

Latte Creative

Digital Products for Social Innovation

Latte Creative is a communication and campaigning agency working in the field of social innovation and in partnership with nonprofit organizations.

Libera International

Towards a world free from mafias and corruption

LIBERA Associations, Names and Numbers Against Mafias is an Italian network of more than 1,600 associations, groups and schools, committed to promote a culture of lawfulness.


Plateforme de Protection des Lanceurs d’Alerte en Afrique (Platform for the Protection of Whistleblowers in Africa)

PPLAAF is an organisation providing legal, media, advocacy and other services catering to the needs of whistleblowers, operating in Africa.


Electronic Frontiers Australia

Electronic Frontiers Australia is a non-profit national organisation that promotes digital rights and civil liberties in Australia.