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US Wanted Iceland to Help Frame Assange, Ex-Minister Says

United States agents from the FBI who came to Finland in 2011 on an official mission linked to cyber attacks are said to have come in order to frame WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, according to former Interior Minister Ögmundur Jónasson.
He told Independent Australia he blocked attempted American interference and was surprised to discover a plane full of FBI agents had landed in his country trying to carry out investigations without permission from authorities.
He told the site he immediately felt something to be wrong with the operation and that it was really designed to get at Assange, who is now in a London jail fighting extradition to the US. There, he is expecting to be charged on espionage counts for revealing war secrets and other information.
“In June 2011 I was told that U.S. intelligence had discovered that hackers were preparing an attack on Icelandic governmental institutions. I was asked if we wanted to cooperate with the Americans,” he told the site.
He said initially Iceland wanted to hear what the US had to say and that police officers went to Washington in an exchange that saw American officers come to Reykjavik. That was done, he said, to probe alleged cyber attacks “but no proof of possible attacks emerged.”
Instead, he said he realized what was going on. “I am the proof. When I say they came here to frame Julian Assange and WikiLeaks, I don’t say this lightly,” he said, adding he wanted to protect investigative journalism and Assange as a whistleblower.
“When I heard of this, I asked my colleagues in the Ministry if, unknown to me, the FBI had been given permission to carry out police work in Iceland. I certainly had not given such a permission and the decision should anyway have been on my table.”
He spoke with the Chief of Icelandic Police, having been told a meeting had been planned.
“I knew that the FBI were on the way to Police Headquarters with the intention to map out co-operation linked to the WikiLeaks issue. I requested that no such meeting should take place and that there should be no further contact whatsoever,” and the FBI agents were not allowed to carry out any investigations.

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