Supporting People who Speak Out

What do Europeans think about whistleblowing?

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Democracies depend on individuals speaking out in the public interest to report illegal activity and other wrongdoing.

Whistleblowers are in the front line of the battles against corruption, financial fraud and threats to public health. They promote greater public accountability in government and the business world. They increase public confidence that everyone is playing by the same set of rules.

Europeans know just how important whistleblowers are, and that they face real risks for doing the right thing. We went out on to the streets of Europe to talk to people about their impressions of whistleblowing, how it can be important and why the people who speak out for the public good need to be protected.

Vox Pop in Italy

Vox Pop in the Czech Republic

Blueprint developed these videos in partnership with civil society groups FIBGAR in Spain and Riparte il Futuro in Italy. All videos are subtitled in English.