Meet the Whistleblowers

What does it take to be a Whistleblower?
Whistleblowers are vital to society, but speaking up is hard. Whistleblowers provide us with information about serious wrongdoing in the public interest. Their efforts protected us from the dangers of tainted food, mistreatment of vulnerable youth and of the frail in care homes, illegal dumping of toxic waste in our waterways, and fraud that steals public money from hospitals and schools.

Blueprint team members have interviewed whistleblowers across dozens of countries. These are just a few of their personal stories. Our interviews were produced as part of our partnership in A Change of Direction.

Interview with Jonathan Sugarman, former Risk Controller at Unicredit Ireland

Interview with Brigitte Heinisch, former geriatric nurse at Vivantes in Berlin

Interview with Ana Garrido, former town council employee at Boadilla del Monte, Spain

Interview with Andrea Franzoso, former official at Ferrovie Nord, Italy