Blueprint Helps Launch Southeast Europe Whistleblower Coalition

The Southeast Europe Coalition on Whistleblower Protection has launched its new website. The site is the campaign, outreach, news and research hub for the whistleblower movement in Southeast Europe.

Initiated by Blueprint for Free Speech, more than 25 organizations and journalists formed the Coalition to strengthen whistleblower rights, protections and awareness in 12 countries in Southeast and Eastern Europe. The Coalition works to uphold whistleblowing as a human right for all employees and citizens who report crime and corruption in the public interest.

Check out the top stories on the site:
The Price of Justice: Bosnian Whistleblowers Fight Back
Whistleblowers Redeemed: New Laws Helping Victimized Employees
Double-Dippers: Macedonian officials asked companies to pay for renovations

Read about how the Coalition helped pass the first whistleblower protection law in Albania.

Visit “Campaign Central” and “Victories” to see where the Coalition and its members are making a difference throughout the region.

You can also view the terrific documentary, “The Price of Justice,” about the Tuzla Kvarc whistleblower retaliation scandal in Bosnia.

For more information on the Coalition, contact Mark Worth of Blueprint for Free Speech at